CANON FPA-3000 i4 Stepper For Sale

Model Year: 1998
Quantity: 1
Condition: Excellent operational condition
Serial No: Coming Soon
Availability: In Stock



Wafer size: 4" / 6" / 8" (customer may specify per their requirement)
Reticle size:  6" Square
Field Size:  22 X 22 mm

Exposure Light: 365nm
Light Source:  2.0KW Super High Pressure Hg Lamp

Projection Magnification: 1/5 X
Numerical Aperture:  0.63~0.45

Estimated Throughput:
59 wph   (60 shot / 22 mm / 8” Wafer)
83 wph   (32 shot / 22 mm / 6" Wafer)



This Canon i4 stepper will be refurbished and made available for operational demonstration in the near future

To further discuss, please contact us.


Parts Available For CANON FPA-3000 i4 Stepper

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