Model Year: 2001
Quantity: 1
Condition: Refurbished system
Serial No: Available upon request
Availability: SOLD


Performance Specifications:
Image Resolution: 3nm (30A) at 0.8kv Accelerating Voltage
Accelerating Voltage Range: 0.5kv to 1.3kv
Working Distance: Fixed
Magnification Range: 1 kx to 300 kx
Measurement Range: 0.1 to 2.0 u
Reproducibility: 3 nM
Measurement Mode: Full Feature, Multi-Feature
Throughput: 45 Wafers/Hour
SEM Images: 1kx to 300kx, Guaranteed Reproducibility 40kx ti 200kx
Stage Position Control: Linear Scale Feedback

System Configuration:

Currently Configured for 200mm Wafer Sizes
Cassette Interface (Loader Unit):
Asyst Integrated SMIF
MECS Robot/Cntrl
Leybold Turbo with controller

Stage & Inspection Unit: X, Y Travel Range: 0 – 200mm

Control Unit
System Software:
HOST: : v12.41
SEM: 12.43
IPS: 12.40 (4500)
HV: 04.02
Stage: 01.07
Evac: 2.01
DSP: 11.10
WT: 4.05

Support Option(s):
Defect Inspection
Mag Max X300k
Auto Vid
Multi-point measurement
Save to Dos FD
Edge Roughness
Ip Read
Hole measurement
Reduced Scan
Operator Access
Defect Type KLA
Image Enhancement
Image Database
Fast AFC

MO Drive: 640MB
Thermal Printer
Video Printer
SECS / GEM Interface

Vacuum Isolation Block & Hoses

Power Unit
Power Requirements: 208VAC, 6kVA, 1 Phase, 50A, Freq 60 Hz



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